About Us

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Trucker job USA was started to help drivers find the best trucking opportunities that are available in the US. Throughout the years, the most shocking thing that occurred to us is the fact that in the trucking industry, most drivers are not aware of their career opportunities.

The Age-Old Driving Experience Problem

Did you know one of the main reasons why most truck drivers are turned down for a driving positions is for lack of experience?

However, what most drivers don’t know is that some home daily and home weekly jobs require no experience at all. They are just difficult to find.

This difficulty ends with us.

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Our Goal

Elijah Dean founded Trucker Job USA after starting recruiting back in 2015. During this time, he actually helped his brother, a CDL driver, gain new employment with a driving opportunity that resulted in a $50,000 annual increase in salary.

After that life changing event for his brother, Elijah has been determined to help other truck drivers achieve the same goal.

So, our goal has become “To help truck drivers find the best job in trucking for their experience and skillset.”

Our Core Values

Our core values are the following:

  • We are passionate about what we do;
  • We respect every driver equally;
  • We treat each application with care and dignity;
  • We are dependable;
  • We take our responsibility to find you the best job for your resume as critical for our, and your, success.

We Pride Ourselves on Your Success

Since our goal is to help truckers find the best jobs in trucking for them, we pride ourselves on their success.

We’ve helped thousands of truck drivers find a great CDL A truck driving job throughout the years.

Here are just a selected few of them: