Are You Ready for a Second Career in Retirement?

If you are a retiree but find that sitting home all day isn’t for you, then it might be time to consider a second career. However, if you are not ready to commit to 40 hours each week, there are a few positions that can help you enjoy your retirement on your own terms. From insurance sales to substitute teaching, or even finding a truck-driving job through a service like Truck Job USA, a rewarding part-time profession can keep your mind engaged and give you the extra cash to enjoy all that your silver years have to offer.

But first, it pays to be prepared

No matter what type of career you’re looking at, there are a few things that all working adults need. First, you need a smartphone and talk/text/data plan that can keep you connected. Look for a device and provider with unlimited options. This way, you don’t have to worry about overage charges during your job search or to keep up with your employer or customers.

You’ll also need a reliable vehicle and business attire. Different companies have different expectations on what you wear, but you are usually safe with business-professional clothing, which includes skirts and slacks for women and matching suits for men. Make sure you are also well-stocked with business casual clothing since most part-time jobs don’t require a corporate appearance. As for your vehicle, if you already own one, make sure that it has been serviced and is ready for the road. When you have to buy a car, make sure to check its history report and do your research on reliability before driving off the lot.

Now, the best jobs for seniors

Now that you have all the tools you need to get to work, it’s time to consider which job is the right job. Here are a few of the best suggestions for seniors wanting a flexible schedule:

  • Teaching. US News and World Report recommends teaching as a great second career. Working full-time, you can plan to make anywhere from $57,980 to just over $60,000. But, working as a substitute, you can come and go as you please and bring home between $12 and $13 per hour depending on where you live.
  • Insurance sales. Life insurance is a product that everyone needs, but far too few people actually have. Selling insurance is an excellent option that can help you earn around $20 per hour even part-time. Before you decide, make a point to get to know the different types of products that are available, and which life insurance plans are best for older adults. This way, when your friends and family ask, you can give them an educated answer and, hopefully, earn their business. Before applying for jobs, research potential companies. You can learn about insurance companies like Lincoln Heritage by reading employee reviews on sites like Indeed.
  • Home health aide. A home health aide is an entry-level job in the medical sector. It requires very little in the way of education but is an opportunity for you to turn your caring nature into a little extra cash. notes that the 75-hour National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC) certification isn’t required. As a home health aide, you might work with sick children or other seniors struggling with things like Alzheimer’s, blindness, or mobility disorders.
  • Truck driver. If you think you are too late for the trucking industry, let us change your mind. Truck drivers have one of the highest starting incomes in the US – new drivers make an average of $30-60k a year. And that is not all – in trucking, you can rise through the ranks within a year, and only after a few years, you can drive the more lucrative jobs, which bring in $70k+ a year.

Start the Business of Your Dreams

If you want to work in retirement, but you don’t like the idea of having a boss who sets your schedule, entrepreneurship might be the answer. Once you’ve chosen a business idea and set your plans into motion, you’ll want to register your new company as an LLC to protect your personal assets and establish limited liability. The tax breaks that come along with this business structure don’t hurt, either!

First, check out your own state’s rules for forming an LLC. If you want guidance for this process, you might be considering hiring a lawyer, but this can get expensive. Instead, you could consider filing the paperwork on your own or using an online formation service.

Just because you are retired does not have to mean that you sit idle day in and day out. When you want to earn an extra income, there are plenty of options available, but make sure you are prepared before you begin your job search. And remember, you aren’t limited to what you did before retirement, and now is the perfect time to try something new.

Image via Pexels