Average Truck Driver Salary Per State 2020-Infographic

We have already touched the topic on how much truck drivers in the US make annually, but not the average truck driver salary per state. The previous post was an overview of the definitive winner states and the definitive losers. It also covered the nation-wide averages per job aggregator.

In this post, we have a complete overview of the average truck driver salary for all 50 US states (and Washington DC.)

Sources of the Average Truck Driver Salaries per State

We collected data from four sources, in order as they appear in the infographic:

It is immediately apparent that there are differences per aggregator, and in most cases, ZipRecruiter reported the lowest country averages, but this is not the rule, as for some states, Salary.com reported the lowest.

What is important to note is that these numbers are only scratching the surface. They represent a vacuum without outside influences. Since each state has its own cost-of-living, these numbers might not be what they look like, and $40k in one state might have higher value than another state.

The infographic below has data on all 50 states, plus Washington DC, in A-Z order.

Note: If you notice the sudden jumps to $300k salary, it is because some job aggregators have had some lucrative owner-operator jobs in some areas which were taken into the maximum salary numbers.

Truck Driver average salary for all 50 US states and Washington DC, the data is collected form Salary.com, ZipRecruiter, SeekCapital, and Indeed.com