Biden Selects Meera Joshi as FMCSA Administrator

Meera Joshi, Biden’s choice for the FMCSA deputy administrator on the first day of his mandate is on her way to becoming the first non-acting leader of the agency.

Biden announced on April 14 that he intends to nominate Joshi as the administrator of the FMCSA. 

Meera Joshi is an attorney with more than 16 years of experience in leading government oversight agencies. Joshi’s previous positions include serving as a commissioner of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, an agency in charge of NYC’s taxicabs, for-hire vehicles, commuter vans, and paratransit vehicles and their licensing.

If confirmed by the senate, Joshi will take the FMCSA administrator position which has been vacant since Raymond Martinez, a Trump appointee, stepped down back in 2019. The agency was helmed by Jim Mullen and Wiley Deck until Joshi’s mandate as deputy administrator.

Joshi’s process of confirmation by the senate will probably take months. As a reference, Raymond Martinez was nominated by Trump in Sep 2017 and was confirmed in Feb 2018.

When this happens, Joshi will become the seventh permanent FMCSA administrator since the agency was established. Previous FMCSA administrators include:

  • Joseph Clapp,
  • Anette Sandberg,
  • John H. Hill,
  • Anne Ferro,
  • Scott Darling,
  • Raymond Martinez.