Charges for $20M Drug Bust Dropped, Trucker Set Free

This is the latest development of the June 25 colossal drug bust, where $20 million in marijuana were seized at the Canada-U.S. border. The trucker who drove the tractor-trailer has been freed of all charges. A U.S. federal judge has dismissed the criminal case against Prabjot Nagra, the person driving the truck. Nagra was arrested following the record drug bust.

Record Drug Bust

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents in Buffalo, New York, did the largest drug bust in the last five years. During the bust, they seized $20 million in marijuana from a tractor-trailer during a routine inspection. The driver, Prabjot Nagra, was arrested on June 26.

Driver Adamantly Stated He Didn’t Know About the Marijuana

Nagra, who was arrested June 26 with 9,500 pounds of marijuana in the trailer, said he wasn’t aware of the drugs. In his statement, he told investigators that when he picked up the trailer, it already had a seal. Nagra also added that he did not know the intended destination of the trailer.

However, special agents were suspicious of Nagra’s statement. According to them, a “criminal organization involved in the smuggling of controlled substances would not risk a $20 million drug load.”

Highway Secure Transport, Nagra’s carrier claimed they did not know anything or had anything to do with the marijuana.

Charges Against Driver Dropped

U.S. Magistrate Jeremiah McCarthy has since dismissed the case against Nagra during a hearing that took place Thursday in Buffalo, NY. 

When asked about the reason, Assistant U.S. Attorney Misha Coulson did not elaborate on her request to drop all charges against Nagra. Still, Nagra’s lawyer welcomed the decision. 

Although the charges against Nagra were dropped, there is still a possibility he could be charged again should additional evidence require it.