Concealed Meth Seized in Tractor-Trailers by CBP in CA and TX

NILAND, CA; PHARR, TX – On Dec. 21, U.S. CBP (Customs and Border Protection) agents have seized two shipments of concealed meth in Texas and California.

The two busts took place in El Centro Sector, California, and at the Pharr International Bridge, Texas. Tractor-trailers were involved in both joint actions.

California Bust Leads to Unknown Amount of Meth

According to the CBP record, the first bust took place at 5:06 p.m in El Centro Sector California. A trucker driving a red Freightliner entered the Highway 111 border patrol checkpoint. Upon initial inspections, the vehicle was forwarded for further investigation.

The inspection was done using non-intrusive methods and a K-9 unit. Upon an alert from the K-9 unit, further investigation was directed on the truck’s passenger-side fuel tanks. The liquid inside the tanks was clear with a noticeable cloudy, denser liquid below the clear liquid.

Upon testing this liquid with a field narcotics testing kit, the test showed that the liquid has the characteristics of methamphetamine. Since liquid meth is extremely dangerous, agents were unable to determine the total weight of the drugs that were contained in the fuel tank.

The driver, a 25-year-old Lawfully Admitted for Permanent Residence, as well as the truck he was driving, was turned over to U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agentsseized  methamphetamine Saturday.
El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents
seized  methamphetamine Saturday.

Texas Bust Totals a Colossal $37 Million in Meth

The second bust took place at the Pharr International Bridge in Texas. In this bust, CBP agents discovered approximately $37 million worth of alleged meth concealed within the trailer’s floor. The tractor-trailer was hauling a shipment of fresh tomatoes and was referred for a non-intrusive imaging scan.

After the discovery, agents discovered 657 packages, totaling a weight of 840.5 kg (1,853 pounds) of alleged methamphetamine.

The CBP seized the 657 packages and the semi-truck. The case remains under investigation by HSI (Homeland Security Investigations.)

“This interception of methamphetamines is certainly on the list of the more significant drug seizures for the Port of Hidalgo/Pharr/Anzalduas and will definitely impact this type of illicit activity,” said Port Director Carlos Rodriguez.

Packages containing 1,853 pounds of methamphetamine seized by CBP officers at Pharr International Bridge.
Packages containing 1,853 pounds of methamphetamine
seized by CBP officers at Pharr International Bridge.