Cow Causes Chain Crash on I-30, One Trucker Dead

BOWIE COUNTY, TX – In a bizarre accident triggered by a cow, three persons were injured and one truck driver lost his life this Tuesday in Texas.

Authorities confirmed that a trucker lost his life in a chain crash in the eastern part of Texas Tuesday morning.

The Texas Department of Public Safety came out with an official statement, according to which, a truck was traveling westbound I-30 when it struck a cow. From the hit, the truck lost control and veered into the eastbound lane. 

Soon after, a Chevy Malibu struck the truck, causing it to roll over in the eastbound lane. Moments later, a second truck smashed through the trailer of the overturned truck and burst into flame. After the second truck crashed, a third truck driving eastbound on I-30 tried to avoid the crash only to hit the detached axle of the first truck that was rolled over.

The trucker who was driving the second truck that went through the trailer and burst into flame was killed on the spot. Three other people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

The driver who struck the cow and caused the chain crash was uninjured.

The eastbound lane of I-30 remained closed through the afternoon of June 8, which caused heavy traffic jams in the area.