Florida Truck Driver Finds 2 Teenage Boys Shot Dead

SUMTER COUNTY, FL – A FL truck driver discovered a gruesome scene while making scheduled stops early Wednesday morning – two teenage boys shot dead along the side of County Road 219.

The bodies of the boys were laying on along the side of County Road 219.

Official police report identified the boys as Isaiah Alexander Nelson, 17, and Prestin Wayne Nixon, 16.

Captain John Galvin of the Sumter Sheriff’s department gave a statement in a YouTube video, which will be linked below.

“This is a tragedy, and it has deeply impacted our community,” said Galvin. “We believe at this time, that both victims may have known the assailant. Our detectives are working tirelessly to follow up any leads.” 

Galvin also added that both victims suffered fatal injirues “stemming from gunshot wounds”.

The bodies of Nelson and Nixon were discovered around 5 a.m. Wednesday morning. The trucker who found the bodies told police dispatch that the bodies were in front of a Wildwood house along the road.

Evidently panicked, the trucker had a hard time staying calm in the situation. He also directed oncoming traffic not to stop, saving them from witnessing the gruesome scene.

There is a video available online of the whole conversation between the trucker and the police dispatcher.

Police authorities urge anyone who has any information about the case to contact the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office at (352) 793-2621. Additionally, all who wish to remain anonymous can contact Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477.