Fundraiser Unites Truckers to Help Man Who Fed Them During COVID

June 22, 2020, a Go Fund Me fundraiser with a very noble goal, called A BBQ FOR FRED, was organized by Daniel A. Garland. 

Daniel enjoyed in one of the 2020 meals Fred Patey provided for truckers during the COVID-19 shutdown in Newfoundland and Labrador, CA. When most coffee shops were refusing to sell to truckers, Fred used his barbecue and his own money to buy the groceries needed to provide truckers with a wholesome, completely free meal. To do this, Fred used his vacation time.

Serving 2020 meals by the end of his vacation was the goal. Fred reached it last week, but the 2020 meals took their toll on his barbecue. Now, those who got help are uniting to get Fred a new barbecue.


The following description stands witness to the selflessness of Fred Patey in the Go Fund Me fundraiser:

“2020 times, that’s how often Fred Patey provided a wholesome meal to a truck driver during the covid 19 shutdown. When many coffee shops refused to sell to truckers, Fred Patey, on his own time, using his own bbq and supplying some of the food himself, provided good, wholesome, hot meals completely free. Now it’s our turn to show Fred just what his efforts meant to us. I have set up this Go Fund Me to raise the money to replace the bbq Fred wore out cooking and keeping hot the meals he provided to truck drivers. The deadline is July 10 at 8pm. That should give everyone who would like to contribute the opportunity to do so. Thank you in advance for your support. Please share this with your friends and followers on social media.”

Trucker Job USA reached out to Daniel A. Garland, the trucker who organized the fundraiser, to get the whole story. Here is what he had to say.

Are you, or do you have any family members who are, a Truck Driver?

Yes. My father owned his own trucking company. It was originally started by my grandfather. Both myself and my youngest brother still drive trucks. We have a middle brother who also drove a truck but eventually left the industry.

Why did you organize the “A BBQ For Fred” fundraiser?

During the covid19 shutdown, from late early April until June 19 when restaurants in our home province of Newfoundland & Labrador began to open up again, Fred set up his own bbq at a local gas bar and provided meals for truck drivers after he discovered that drivers were having difficulty finding places to eat. Fred began supplying the food himself but then received help with donations of food from local churches, charitable organizations, trucking companies and some restaurants that were forced to close down during the shutdown. Fred also took his vacation time from work to provide us with meals. The continuous work eventually wore out his new bbq. To show our appreciation for his efforts I set up a GoFundMe to get Fred a new bbq.

Who is Fred Patey?

I don’t really know Fred. My only contact with him was from benefiting from the meals he provided.

How long have you known Fred?

Only met him during the shutdown.

Why do you think Fred decided to do this awe-inspiring thing amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

I heard that Fred did drive truck at one time. Fred had heard that drivers were having problems finding places to eat as restaurants were closed. Many coffee shops, that still had a drive through service operating, refused to serve truckers because they had to walk up to the drive through window. Some coffee shops did allow drivers to walk up to the drive through window.

Doing this for Fred is very touching and inspiring. Does Fred know about the fundraiser, or it is a surprise?

Initially it was to be a surprise. However attempting to raise the funding secretly turned out to be a bit more difficult than anticipated so I had to make it public. Since I decided to openly share the fundraiser donations started coming in.

Which BBQ is Fred going to get?

Haven’t decided yet. It depends on how much I raise. But it will be the biggest I will be able to.

There have been many people who helped, and are still helping, truckers across America and Canada. What’s your message to all the Freds out there?

A big thank you for sure. And to all the drivers who have been helped throughout this crisis, don’t forget the Freds when all of this craziness is over.

We’ve also reached out to Fred, but up until today, he has yet to reply. We will update the post if he replies, as we would love to hear his part of the story as well.

The fundraiser has more than half of the $1,200 target. Truckers from all across the U.S. and Canada are uniting to help in the fundraiser. If you want to help Fred get a new BBQ as a token of appreciation from all truckers, you can donate on the Go Fund Me Fundraiser “A BBQ FOR FRED.”

In the name of all at Trucker Job USA, we would like to thank both Daniel and Fred for everything.