Google Offers $100 to Truckers for Opinion on Google Maps

Google has a very interesting offer for all truckers, and in return, they can get $100 for their troubles. All a trucker needs to do is fill up a simple form.

The main premise of the offer is as follows:

Google wants truckers to share their experiences as a professional in the trucking industry to help the Google team better understand your (the trucker’s) needs.

The tech giant are scheduling participants for a study that will take place between October 28 to November 30, 2020.

All a trucker has to do is fill out a form, and someone from the Google team will be in touch to discuss details and set an appointment.

As a disclaimer, Google says that only those who will be selected for the study will receive the $100 thank you gift.

Although not much information is offered in the form, it is probably related to the Google Maps platform and its usefulness for truck drivers.

Piqued your interest? Apply by using the online form.