It’s National Driver Appreciation Week! Say Thanks to Truckers!

To say this year has been challenging for everyone would be the greatest understatement ever made. As the COVID pandemic engulfed the world with its terrible reach, truckers were the ones rolling day and night to deliver essential supplies and emergency relief.

These often misjudged people took the forefront and quite literally kept the country from falling apart.

And this wasn’t only due to the pandemic – the wildfires, Hurricane Laura – wherever was a dire need for emergency supplies, truckers were there to do the impossible.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week amid COVID-19

As tradition dictates, since Sunday, Sept. 13, and ending Sept. 19, the National Driver Appreciation Week has been going strong. 

But this year, it is different. The public is more aware of the importance of truckers. 

2020 will be remembered not only as the COVID-19 year but also as the year truckers gave everything to keep shelves and hospitals stocked and to keep the economy flowing when everything else stopped.

Honoring the Sacrifice

CODVID-19 will be remembered in history as one of the most trying things humanity had to endure. During its peak, truckers made personal sacrifices working long hours and risked being exposed to the infection just to keep our economy afloat

They delivered medical supplies. They delivered cleaning products. They provided protective equipment, food, fuel, electronics. They delivered everything.

This October is an important one for all Americans. It is a period when the nation pays respect and says thanks to all truckers for their dedication and relentlessness in doing one of the most demanding and most dangerous jobs in the world.

Facts About Truck Drivers During the Pandemic

Here are just a few trucking facts that would make you go out, find a truck driver, and hug them with all your heart:

The Working Hours are Long

During normal conditions, truckers drive around 60 hours per week. Over-the-road truckers spend weeks away from home and their family, just to get the haul where it needs to be, even if it means hauling from East Coast to West Coast.

Hours-of-Service Exemptions Enabled Truckers to Work Even Harder

FMCSA provided some changes to the Hours-of-Service (HOS) rules for truckers providing emergency relief directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Truckers leveraged the HOS waiver to work even harder, just to transport essential goods, like food and medical supplies, across the country.

Truckers Move More than 70% of All Freight in the Country

As the saying goes, “If you got it, a trucker brought it.” This is true for more than 70% of the stuff you have at home.

Truckers Are Fighting COVID-19 at the Front Lines

The courageous men and women truckers worked tirelessly since the start of 2020 to keep stores, hospitals, care centers, and people supplied with the essential products they need.

The Average Trucker Drives 100,000 Miles Per Year

Fun fact: this accounts for 40 trips across the U.S., more than four trips around the Earth, and almost half the distance to the Moon.

Truckers Deliver 10 Billion Tons of Freight Per Year

Fun fact: this accounts for almost 30,000 Empire State buildings, one-fifth of the Great Wall of China, and nearly one Great Pyramid of Giza.

Thank the 3.5 Million Professional Men and Women in Trucking

This October, dedicate five minutes to thank the men and women truckers who are risking their lives daily, so we have everything we need – both essential and otherwise.

Many famous corporations and persons have expressed their gratitude toward truckers, including:

Volvo Trucks Thanks the Truckers

“Professional truck drivers play an integral role in keeping our economy moving, and that was especially apparent since the onset of the pandemic this year, delivering everything from gasoline to groceries and medical supplies,” said Peter Voorhoeve, who is the president of Volvo Trucks North America. 

“Volvo Trucks would like to give these drivers the recognition they deserve and thank them for their commitment to the crucial job of transporting the food, cargo, consumer products and equipment that are essential to our everyday lives.”

Schneider Thanks Professional Truck Drivers

“Every load they haul has a direct impact on people’s lives, especially during the unprecedented events of this year. Driver Appreciation Days allows us to reflect on how valuable their contributions are every day and to provide them with some fun perks in honor of that,” said Mark Rourke, who is the president and CEO of Schneider. 

For the occasion, Schneider will organize a prize game, and all drivers will be entered into the draw. The prizes range from:

  • Loyalty Points
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Heated Lunch Boxes
  • Deluxe truck organizes, and
  • iPads

Shell Rotella Organizes Giveaways and Promotions to Thank Drivers

“Truck drivers are committed to delivering essentials to Americans each and every day. Their hard work does not go unnoticed, and it deserves our recognition,” said Annie Peter, who is the North American marketing manager of Shell Rotella.

The company will organize a giveaway of packages to the trucker that includes:

  • Mugs
  • Flashlights
  • Backpacks