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Local Truck Drivers-Automatics-77k-Saylorsburg, PA

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Job Description

Postal (ZIP) Code: 18353
Salary ($): $76,000 - $96,000

Our company is seeking regional truck drivers to join our growing team from Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania. We are treating our drivers with respect dignity and care. We are expanding opportunities focusing on matching your lifestyle benefiting you and your family and your needs as a professional driver.


  • $65 Daily rate plus .50 CPM. ( Must work all 5 days to receive daily rate.)
  • $15/stop (30 Stops per week on avg.)
  • $65 for working a 6th day.
  • $1250- $1300 Weekly Avg
  • $70,000 Yearly Avg
  • Top performers can make up to $77,000.
  • $200/day while in project-specific training.  Training lasts 3-5 days.
  • $5,000 bonus

Time OFF/Shifts:

  • 1100-1400 starts. Then work a 12-14 hour shift.
  • May have any 2 consecutive weekdays off. Will be working weekend.
  • Account will do their best to give the driver their preference but the driver needs to be flexible for either shift.
  • 1 Weekend day granted off after 270 days.
  • 6th day of work available for extra money.

Position Details:

  • Deliver groceries in a 53 or 48 dry van trailer mainly to Stop and Shop grocery stores.
  • Multi-stop delivery. Usually 2 loads per day with 2-3 stops per trailer.
  • No Touch freight. However, most drivers will unload with a pallet jack so that they do not have to wait.
  • Drivers will pick up return product at the final stop or pick up a backhaul back to the DC.
  • We deliver to Long Island and all boroughs of NYC, except Manhattan.
  • Drivers will not deliver in NYC during the first 6 months on the acct. However, during their training will be taking them into NYC at least 2 times.
  • Long Island and Staten Island ARE NOT NYC.
  • After the 6 months, drivers can expect to delivery to NYC 3-4 times per week.
  • Must live within 25 miles of 18353 Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania
  • 3 months experience required

Additional Details:

  • Slip seating but account will do their best to keep them in the same truck.
  • New drivers do not have an assigned truck until after training.
  • Automatic Daycabs that cannot be taken home for time off.
  • Drivers Must have personal transportation to and from work daily.
  • Drivers should understand the importance of customer service and have good customer service skills.
  • Free uniforms are provided and maintained by the account.
  • Drivers will work Holidays if it is their scheduled day to work unless the account is not running that Holiday.
  • Annual pay raises.

Holiday Schedule:

  • Thanksgiving Christmas New Years.

Operating Area:

  • For this local dedicated job, drivers will operate within a 250 mile radius of Bethlehem PA.

We know that our employees are one of our most valuable resources. We are appreciative of the efforts you put forth each day when you come to work. In turn, we are proud and committed to offer you comprehensive medical, dental, vision, ad more for you and your family.

Please let us know if you are interested in this job. We are looking forward to making you a team member and bringing you on board.


Job Summary

Saylorsburg, PA, USA Location
Dry Van / Box Truck Truck Driver Jobs Job Type
Full-time Project length
Salary $76k - $96k
Trucker Job USA

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