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Recovery Truck Drivers Are Needed From Midlothian, TX

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Job Description

Postal (ZIP) Code: 76065
Salary ($): $50,000 - $65,000

We are looking for recovery truck drivers from Midlothian, TX/DFW area.

Job description:

  • Recoveries can range from trucks looking brand new inside to trucks being flat out trashed and with no fuel. Also, need to be made aware that some of the trucks we go after could have us dealing with mechanical problems as well. If something breaks down OTR on recovery, then we will usually decide to route to the next nearest recovery based on ETC for repair. We try to keep everyone moving and busy, however, sometimes it will slow down. We will keep our drivers busy by running regional freight so they can still accumulate miles and get paid
  • On occasion, in order to keep recovery costs trending down, we will find rides to trucks that are within an acceptable range to ride along with another driver (examples would be Dallas or Wichita/ Etc. We try not to get someone a ride if the recovery is very far away
  • Hotels are acceptable when the truck is beyond cleaning-take pictures of the condition and send to recovery, get hotel authorized with recovery manager before booking it through a breakdown

Recovery pay:

  • $200 Recovery fee for recovering the truck and having to deal with any cleanup you must do to get it back (expected to sleep in the truck unless it is too filthy to stay in)
  • .49 Cents per mile or .25 cents a mile when teaming with someone else in the same rental (this scenario doesn’t happen too often when it does its usually shorter distances, goes back to .49 cents after the other person is dropped)
  • $150 Hook fee, anyone that runs the hook truck gets the mileage, recovery fee and the hook fee as well
  • $250 flat rate for flight, occasionally we will fly people to the truck if it is cost effective (doesn’t happen often but prefer them to be okay with flying places on occasion)
  • This flight rate is just for getting to the truck, once they get to the truck it goes back to .49 cents per mile (they still get the regular $200 recovery fee as well)
  • Layover- Does not happen often, however, if it does it is paid at a rate of $75 per day.


  • Drivers are preferred to have experience in dry, reefer, and flatbed. We do not recover many flatbeds, but the experience comes in handy and helps with getting them trained up on the hook. They also need to be able to drive automatics and manual transmissions (10,13 and 18 speed)
  • Must live in Midlothian, TX/DFW area
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Pass drug test
  • Clean driving record


Job Summary

Midlothian, TX, USA Location
Dry Van / Box Truck Truck Driver Jobs Job Type
Full-time Project length
Salary $50k - $65k
Trucker Job USA

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