Masked Men Kidnap, Torture, and Execute Two Florida Truckers

MIAMI, FL – Police are looking for any information that would lead to the capture of the kidnappers, torturers, and executioners of two South Florida truckers.

Investigators are still trying to find who did this calculated killing in Opa-Locka over the weekend.

The victims are identified as the owner of Oliva Delivery Corp. Osmar Oliva, 50-years-old, and Johan Gonzales Quesada, 26-years-old, both from Florida.

Official police report states that the masked men kidnapped Oliva, Quesada, and a third not yet identified man, tied their hands, and tortured them for hours in the back of a moving truck. After the torture, they shot the three in the head one by one, point-blank execution-style, and dumped them in a yard on 1801 Rutland Street in Opa-Locka near Miami, FL.

The unidentified third victim survived the ordeal. He managed to call for help from a passerby who called the police. He was taken to Ryder Trauma Center in critical condition.

Both Oliva and Quesada had brushes with the law in cases of cargo theft.

Oliva was arrested in 2007 after he was caught unloading cargo off a stolen tractor-trailer that was located by its built-in GPS device. The charges against Oliva for this case were dropped the next year.

Quesada was arrested on the basis of having two loads of pilfered cargo. The first was frozen shrimp and the second air-conditioning units. These too were found using the GPS on the stolen trailers. The pilfered cargo was discovered at Quesada’s home. Quesada pleaded not guilty to the charges and was awaiting trial.

In an interview for Miami Herald, Quesada’s widow, and father said great things about Johan.

“He was a very good person,…I don’t know why this happened to him,” said Quesada’s widow

“He was a marvelous person,” said Quesada’s father, Ovidio Gonzalez Roche. “He had a huge heart. Very family-oriented.”

“This is such an extraordinary shock. I can’t explain what’s happened.”

Quesada was a father of two daughters. One is a 1-year-old child, and the other was born just ten days ago.