MO: Trucker Beaten to Death in a Road Rage Incident

O’FALLON, MO – Missouri State Highway Patrol found an unconscious 68-year-old man as a result of a report of a fight on I-64 that was called in around 11:30 a.m. on Sunday.

The man, now identified as Ron Lawson, a Winfield, Missouri resident, was immediately hospitalized with critical injuries from a physical assault. Lawson has since his hospitalization passed away due to the injuries.

Lawson’s family testified that Ron was always safe on the road while driving the truck. 

Eyewitnesses have identified the suspect’s vehicle as a 2019 or 2020 black Dodge 2500 or 3500 diesel truck. At the moment of the incident, the suspect’s truck towed a white car in a vertical ramps trailer.

Following the eyewitness reports, police have made a statement that the suspect’s vehicle was indeed a 2020 Dodge Ram 2500 truck pulling an older car halter type trailer. A white male in his 30’s drove the Dodge. The incident allegedly started when for unknown reasons, the suspect exited the truck, assaulted Lawson, and then got back into the truck and left the scene.

The truck was then seen exiting at Winghaven and going south on Highway DD towards New Melle, Defiance. 

Official report says that since the incident, the Dodge truck was located in St. Charles County. The suspect has been identified but has yet to be arrested.

Lawson’s family was interviewed by FOX2now.

Ron Lawson’s daughter, Leah, said the following about the incident, “I’ve got a little boy that has the same birthday as my dad’s birthday and now I have to celebrate and mourn on my son’s birthday every year because that piece of us is gone.” 

Lawson’s son, Jason, also came out with his statement, “The location where he was at is always a busy place. It was on a Sunday morning, Sunday early afternoon. There had to be somebody somewhere that seen something. For my family, please just somebody, please, speak up.”

A GoFundMe page called “Final expenses for Ron Lawson,” organized by Michael Seidel, a family friend of the family, was created to gather funds for Lawson’s funeral expenses. As of this post’s writing, the fundraiser has collected $4,142 of its $10,000 target.

We urge all who might have information related to the case to call the Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop C at (636) 300-2800.