Ninja Trucker Attacks Store Employee with Nunchucks

SOUTH WINDSOR, CT – In a bizarre incident, a truck driver has been arrested after he allegedly attacked a store employee with nunchucks.

The driver’s identity has been revealed. The ninja trucker’s name is Maximum Elbey, 34, from California.

Ninja Trucker Attacks Store Employee with Nunchucks
Maximum Elbey

Elbey has been arrested on Wednesday evening. Official South Windsor Police Department report states that Elbey has been charged with:

  • Illegal possession of a weapon in a motor vehicle,
  • Carrying a dangerous weapon,
  • Second-degree breach of peace,
  • Second-degree assault,
  • Third-degree assault.

According to the police release, at around 8 p.m. on Wednesday, a call has been made requesting police assistance at the Mobis Parts America auto parts store. The call was a result of Elbey’s altercation with a shop employee.

After a verbal altercation, Elbey physically attacked the shop employee, punching them in the face and then striking them in the head three times with a martial arts weapon, “wooden nunchucks”.

Luckily, before any major injuries occurred, other shop employees were able to tackle and restrain Elbey until officials arrived at the scene. As a result, the victim was treated only for minor injuries after being taken to the hospital.

The wooden nunchucks were not the only reason why Elbey was charged with carrying a dangerous weapon and illegal possession of a weapon in a motor vehicle – during a search of his truck, police found “two thirteen inch long swords and several other martial arts style weapons”.

Elbey is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday morning. He is on a $73,000 bond.