Ep 1-Three Biggest Mistakes Truck Drivers Make with their CDL A


This is Julian with Truck Driver Job USA. And I wanted to go over the three biggest mistakes that I see drivers make when they’re trying to obtain employment.

Mistake No. 1

One of the biggest mistakes I see drivers do is that they drive for companies that are now reporting to the DAC. And as you know, this will cause many problems because you don’t have a history. The DAC is recording everything as far as where you have driven and your record. But if the company, let’s say, if you’ve been driving for a company for two or three years, and they didn’t record anything, man, you’re talking about trouble. Now you’re taking a driver who may have two, three years of experience down to six months or zero. I’ve seen all types of ridiculous scenarios where the driver is a vet. But you know their driving history is not there.

I’ve seen that happen. So, you know, don’t be a victim of that when you’re trying to get that next CDL Class A Driving job.

Mistake No. 2

The second thing I’ve seen people do is driving Non-CDL class A driving positions. But the company says hey we’re only hiring people with CDL Class A.  Hey, now I don’t know why the company’s are doing it. I don’t know if it’s a weak market and they can say, well, you know, we feel like we can get a stronger or better candidate.

If we get to Class A,  well guess what, who ends up getting hurt? If the driver tries to go back into driving a Class A tractor-trailer, it depends on how much time that he had previously in the Class A experience and how long the driver has been out of the truck. Because I’ve seen it hurt drivers more times and then it has helped them. So that’s the second mistake driving for companies like box trucks or something that does not need a CDL Class A. If you’re not going back to the CDL Class A industry, then you know, it’s not going to hurt you, but you never know what might happen. I mean, we’re in a pandemic right now. So you never know what skill you’re going to have to use to maximize your earning potential.

Mistake No. 3

And the last mistake that I’ve seen, and this is a heartbreaker, is where I’ve seen drivers do operating equipment that is not up to par. And the company said, “Hey, don’t worry about it. You know, we’ll take care of any tickets you get,” which, to me, is one of the most foolish things that a driver can do, unfortunately. And the company never pays for the ticket and the driver ends up paying the price.

The Wrap-Up

So again, these are the three biggest mistakes that I’ve seen CDL Class A Drivers make and these are great drivers. You know, they didn’t have bad intentions or anything. They weren’t trying to game the system. And they just ended up in some bad scenarios. They just don’t have the credentials that were hurt because of not having that knowledge about what’s going to happen to their CDL class. It’s just like everything else in life. Boxing is one of my favorite sports. The reason being is that you have to protect yourself at all times. And that’s the same thing with any industry out there.