Police Kill Man Who Threatened Trucker & Worker with Knife

CHICO, CA – A homeless man was shot and killed by police after the man threatened people with a knife and got in an altercation with a security guard.

The incident began when the homeless man started brandishing a knife at the Community Park threatening people and started a scuffle with a private security guard just outside the park. 

After this incident, the man fled the scene and started attacking people inside their vehicles at the East 20th St. and MLK Jr. Parkway intersection. Then, he moved to the local Petco store.

There, police say the man attempted to attack a truck driver who was unloading load from his trailer, as well as attempted to attack the store worker. Both victims were chased and hid inside the Petco store.

Three police officers, Sergeant Nick Bauer, Officer Tyler Johnson, and Officer Will Page, arrived at the area the incident was taking place after receiving 911 calls from citizens at Martin Luther King Jr. Park that were reporting a man brandishing a knife and threatening parkgoers.

Officer Page initially tried to subdue the attacker with a taser. However, after being tased, the man continued to approach the three officers with a knife. Sergeant Bauer and Officer Johnson shot multiple rounds at the man.

The homeless man, who has been identified as 30-year-old Stephen William Vest, died from the gun inflicted wounds. There were attempts to save his life.

Officials confirm that Vest was on felony probation for previous attacks on police officers.

No other injuries were reported from the incident.

The two officers who shot and killed Vest, Sergeant Nick Bauer and Officer Tyler Johnson, were since the incident placed on administrative leave as the Butte County District Attorney’s Office started an investigation.

Official report from Chico police can be found here.

Please AVOID the area of Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway at the 20th St. intersection and down to Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway at Silver Dollar Way due to Police activity. Thank you

Posted by Chico Police Department on Wednesday, October 14, 2020