Richfield, Wisconsin – Truck drivers’ nightmare

Truck drivers near Richfield are experiencing an absolute nightmare these days. The north-south highway is under a strong west wind. The wind is so strong that it pushes trucks off the road. All drivers need to remember that in conditions such as these, it is important to reach the finish line alive and well. If driving conditions become impossible, it is best to stop the vehicle.

A north-south highway through Wisconsin near Richfield buffers strong west-to-east winds. Side gusts of wind cause problems for drivers of passenger cars, but it is much more difficult for truck drivers. At any moment, there can be a strong gust of crosswind that can sweep the truck and throw it off the road or cause it to roll over.

The forecast for Winsconsin was that much more snow was expected to fall in the southeast. On the road, drivers may come across snow drifts as a result of the strong winds. There are reports of black ice in some areas as well. It’s a nightmare being a truck driver in Richfield, Wisconsin these days.

A lot of truck drivers decided to go on one last run before Christmas. Such drivers are advised to be alert and drive slowly. After all, it is just as essential to reach the destination alive as it is to bring the cargo undamaged. The weather conditions are such that there is no room for haste. A small mistake can cost the driver a lot.

Truck drivers who stop to rest on this stretch point out that conditions are changing in the blink of an eye. At one moment, everything is calm, and then, in an instant, everything is different. A strong wind blows creating a whirlwind, and for a moment, you can’t see anything. Drivers have to keep an eye on it and keep a firm grip on the steering wheel. 

During these strong winds, the truck behaves like a cardboard box. Slow speed and careful driving are paramount for reaching the destination safely.

The good thing is that the traffic intensity is lower than usual during the holiday season. Many drivers have decided to wait a little longer before taking this route. Some decided to change their course completely. 

Still, the drivers who decided to sit behind the wheel are in an extra hurry during this period due to the holidays. At the rest area, the most common discussion is about the road conditions. Everybody is eager to come home. Some drivers even decide to stay longer at the rest stops because of the strong westbound winds. 

The weather forecast says this cold and windy weather will last until the middle of the week. It will gradually warm up in the second half of the week. The forecast also indicates that rain is possible at the end of the week.

Final tip:

This truck driver’s nightmare will last until the middle of the week. Be extra cautious when driving. Drive slowly, and take breaks. Better late than never. Better safe than sorry.