Semi Collides with Train, Causes Massive Explosion

CAMERON, TX (KWTX) – A truck collided with three tanker cars loaded with fuel Thursday morning at a crossing on FM 2095.

The accident happened about six miles outside of Cameron. The flames caused by the crash prompted orders for intense evacuations.

Unofficial reports state that the truck swerved to avoid a stopped car. As a result, the truck lost control and collided head-on with the rail car.

Although no injuries are reported from the crash, the cars will be left to burn out.

Due to the intense heat generated by the fire, local residents were evacuated.

The taker cars were loaded with coal and gasoline. However, authorities confirmed that some of the back cars were loaded with hazardous materials, of which one was filled with phosphoric acid. 

These cars were not damaged from the collision. Hazmat teams were dispatched at the scene from College Station and Temple.

Semi Collides with Train, Causes Massive Explosion
Source: KWTX