The Thank a Trucker Initiative – Perception & Reality

As the pandemic is slowly reaching its peak, change of how life work has affected each part of our society.

Among those who fight the front lines are you, the truck drivers, who risk your health to keep shelves stocked in hospitals, stores, and elsewhere.

The #ThankATrucker hashtag began to take traction, promoted by social media users who want to thank you for keeping society as we know it afloat.

But how did this impact the opinion of truck drivers? Will it change anything in the perception of our industry?

Some of the Posts Thanking Truck Drivers

Truckers, However, Fear That Things Will Go Back as They Were

Truckers are thankful, of that there is no doubt. However, the fear that things will return back the way they were, with truckers being stigmatized once again as the pandemic reaches its end.

This video that went viral recently perfectly summarizes the situation truckers are in.

Edit: The video has since the publishing of this post been removed. If we manage to find it again, we will re-post it.

Moving Forward

As the country unites to thank medical staff, truck drivers, the police, and all the rest who are at the front lines, it is safe to assume that the opinion of truck drivers will remain more positive even after the pandemic ends.

And remember: If we stop, the world stops.