The Women In Trucking Association –  Driver of the Year award

For the fourth time, The Women In Trucking Association announces the competition for the annual award for Driver of the Year. The competition is open to all female truck drivers who have been doing their job professionally and responsibly. The sponsor of the event is Walmart.

Women drivers in this business are leaders when it comes to safety. They set new standards for safe driving. After all, a woman who is a good truck driver contributes to the improvement of public opinion about truck drivers with her work. These ladies, longtime successful truck drivers, break down prejudices. The best among them deserve the Driver of the Year award.

The first condition for female participants in the competition is successfully completing one million consecutive miles without traffic accidents. The promotion of the trucking industry in the community and its positive impact on society must be shown when applying.

Additional conditions of the competition:

  • All female truck drivers, whether they are truck owners or company employees, can apply for the competition.
  • Only women who have been driving for the company for at least three years can be nominated for the award. Proposals are submitted by the motor carrier by which they are currently leased or employed.
  • Each lady driver must explain in her own words why she thinks she deserves this award. The text should not be longer than 250 words.
  • It is necessary to attach at least 3 letters of recommendation. Every letter must contain an explanation of why the lady they are proposing is the best candidate for the award this year. The text should not be longer than 250 words.

Fernando Cortes, Walmart’s senior vice president, Transportation pointed out that his company encourages the inclusion of a diversity of all kinds in order to reach the maximum potential of each individual.

Louisville, Kentucky will host the 2023 Salute to Women Behind the Wheel at the Mid-America Trucking Show on March 31, 2023. On that occasion, the award will be presented to this year’s winner of the Driver of the Year award. Award criteria include safety records, community involvement, and impact on the public perception of the trucking industry.

The award consists of a plaque and a commemorative ring.

According to Ellen Voile, WIT president and CEO, this award is given every year in order to promote the truck driver profession among women. Every woman driver is a hero who can motivate other women to follow in her footsteps by her example. The driver of the Year will show many ladies the potential of this profession as a field where they can achieve great success.

The deadline for submitting applications is February 1.

Applications should be submitted to the address:

Applications should be submitted to the link.