This Video Shows Why to Always Do Pre-trip Inspections

A video shared by a trucker on the Trucking News, Info & Humor twitter page showing why pre-trip inspections are extremely important is a huge wake-up call for all truckers, especially those in a hurry.

Pre-trip inspections are extremely important.

The trucker noticed something wrong with the trailer’s floor, as it is noticeably bowed up. 

When he went under to check the beams of the trailer, it turns out most of them were broken. If he went on the road with a trailer in this condition, the trailer would have surely broken.

Since trucking has been “awarded” with the most dangerous job title in the U.S., this video shows just why this is the case. Namely, truckers face dangers on a daily basis, both on the road and off-duty. Even though there is adequate training when drivers are getting their CDL driver’s licenses, not keeping to the basics can prove fatal.

If there is one thing to learn from this, it is to always follow regulation and common practices to make sure you do everything in your power to remain safe on the road.

Regarding the reception of the video, the reactions are as expected, with most of the repliers shocked in awe at the sight.

Here are a few more safety tips to stay safe on the road.