Trailer Touches Power Line, Trucker Electrocuted Dead

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – In a bizarre accident, a truck driver has been killed by electrocution when allegedly his trailer made contact with a power line.

The freak accident happened Wednesday, June 2nd, in the parking lot of TEAM Industries in Audubon, Minneapolis.

The County Sheriff’s Office was called to the scene by someone reporting a man lying next to an EMR northern Metal Recycling truck.

Upon arrival, officers pronounced the truck driver dead at the scene. The driver has been identified as 43-year-old Josep Marlyn Boyle. 

At the scene, deputies noticed that the hydraulic bed extension of the truck was making contact with a power line, giving a base for the suspicion that the driver was electrocuted by the live wire.

According to the official report, officials believe the live power line sent electricity through the bed extension into the rig, electrocuting Boyle in the process. However, this is still an assumption as the investigation is still underway.