Truck Transporting Migrants Crashes, Leaving 54 dead, 105 injured

54 dead and more than 100 are harmed is the epilogue of an incident in which a semi-truck loaded with immigrants crashed in southern Mexico on Thursday.

The devastating crash took place on December 9th in Chiapas, Mexico, which borders Guatemala.

According to official reports, the vehicle was speeding and overturned while overtaking a curve. At that point, the vehicle slammed into a pedestrian bridge as well as a development zone close by.

ABC 7 reports that the trailer was loaded with upwards of 200 people at the hour of the accident and that 83 men and 22 women were harmed in the disaster area. These numbers include children as well. Three of the harmed individuals are still in critical medical condition.

Authorities say it is not known why so many individuals were within the trailer. Some have called attention to the fact that people moving through Mexico from Central American nations like Honduras and Guatemala is sadly very common.

“My condolences to the victims and affected families. In communication with the State Government and Civil Protection. We make contact with the foreign ministries of the affected countries,” was in a tweet by Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.

“I deeply regret the tragedy caused by the overturning of a trailer in Chiapas carrying Central American migrants,” Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador wrote in a post. “It’s very painful. I hug the families of the victims.”