Trucker Commits Suicide in Truck – Community Pays Respect

SADIEVILLE, KY – A social media post showcased a heartbreaking event in which, allegedly, a truck driver took his life in a Love’s truck stop.

Reddit user GrizzNCope posted a heartbreaking thread on Reddit on Apr 5, in which they showcase a sad event that happened one day before on Apr 4. 

Namely, police were called to a Love’s truck stop off of I75 in Sadieville, Kentucky following a gunshot report. The poster was present at the scene and was awakened by police officers for a wellness check. 

Sadly, following the checks, officers found an unidentified truck driver who took their own life in their sleeper.

Allegedly, the gunshot from the weapon being discharged by the now-deceased trucker is what alerted locals and truckers at the stop to call the police.

A lot of truckers had said their goodbyes to this unknown trucker in the thread, proving once again that the trucker community knows respect, even when they do not necessarily know each other. Some even went as far as to share their personal and the battles of their loved ones with depression and suicidal thoughts.

You can read the whole thread below.