Trucker Dies after Failing to Avoid Disabled SUV on TX Bridge

SAN ANTONIO, TX – A truck driver died on Thursday night after losing control of the rig and crashing into a vehicle on a Bridge in San Antonio, police say.

The crash happened around 8 p.m. on Thursday, February 18. Official San Antonio Police Department report says that the road conditions on the I-10 bridge, where the accident happened, were not ideal. According to the report, the bridge was frozen.

Prior to the crash, an SUV lost control due to bad road conditions and hit a wall on the bridge. The SUV driver managed to get out of the vehicle unharmed. The SUV remained on the scene amid active traffic lanes.

Moments later, a semi-truck was speeding on I-10, according to police. The driver was not adhering to the road conditions that took place on the road. The truck driver saw the crashed SUV and tried to slow down the semi. However, the vehicle jackknifed and collided with a wall.

When the accident happened, the truck driver was not wearing a seat belt, reports say. The driver was ejected from the cab.

Another semi also failed to avoid the jackknifed truck. This crash resulted in a flipped trailer.

The driver of the first truck was taken to a hospital but died from his injuries.

A video by News4SanAntonio shows the moments of the terrifying crash.