Truckers Are Getting Shot at In the South, Drivers Report

There have been alarming reports by truckers and police of unidentified attackers assaulting truckers with gunfire in Georgia and Tennessee.

Truckers are afraid, and the alleged push for defunding and disbanding police departments by several cities in the U.S. makes the situation even worse.

Memphis: Trucker Shot at near E. Raines Road and Mendenhall

June 19, 2020, April Marin shared a warning on social media after her husband’s truck was fired upon in Memphis, reports say.

April shared this story in trucking social media groups, stating that her husband was shot at on the passenger-side window. The vehicle sustained damage, but the driver was not hurt besides being “shaken up.”

Memphis: SUV Opened Fire on Semi at I-40

June 20, 2020, at I-40, a semi-truck was shot at in an interstate shooting. The Memphis police forces are looking for public help to identify the SUV owners.

An official police report states that the truck driver was traveling on I-40 when near the Chelsea Avenue exit, the SUV fired consecutive shots on the vehicle.

The truck has sustained damage from the gunshots, but the driver was not hurt in the incident. 

Memphis police seek help to identify the suspect, and have published a video of the SUV with the following description:

“Dark grey or green, small SUV, possibly a new model Saturn VUE, with a luggage rack on top and what appears to be a temporary license plate on the rear. The suspects were last seen eastbound on I-40 towards the Watkins Rd. exit.”

Police encourage anyone with any information to call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-2274 (CASH) or submit their tip at

You can see the video posted by the Memphis police here:

Georgia: Gas Tanker Reportedly Takes Gunshots at Highway 56

Skipp Homschek reported shooting in the Bobby Jones Expressway at Highway 56 (Augusta, GA) on June 20 on his social media account. 

The truck was hauling gasoline, but the tank was not damaged in the incident. The truck driver was not injured as well.

Homschek shared images showing the damage sustained by the truck on his Facebook account:

Ohio: Trucker Shot at Near Dayton on I-70wb

Trucker Marcus Sommers posted on his social media that he was shot at while driving 70mph on I-70wb near Dayton, Ohio.

In an interview for CDL Life, Marcus said that he heard a few popping sounds, and then he reached for his gun to defend himself. However, there was no sign of the suspects, and he was forced to stop the vehicle and call the local authorities.

Marcus also adds that the police suspect the shots were fired from a BB gun or a pellet gun. However, judging from the damage, Marcus doubts that is the case.

He added that the shooting took place as a car passed him while driving under an underpass. It is still unclear whether the shooter was in the vehicle or from a higher vantage point. It is also unclear how many shooters were involved in the incident.