Trucking Memes to Make You LOL Hard

The sheer fact that trucking is a very serious industry makes trucking memes all the sweeter. In an industry so regulated, one mistake can have great consequences for everyone. So, when such a mistake happens under ridiculous circumstances, a meme is born.

Well, as we know being a trucker is hard, but it comes with great benefits (which is why we are in it after all.) 

At the end of the day, a good laugh is what makes it worth it. It is only human to love a good chuckle from now to then, and truckers are no exception. 

Which leads us to what you came here for, and that is memes. Lots and lots of great memes.

We’ll be ranking these memes on a scale from one to ten, ten being great, one being not so much.

Trucking and Stress

Trucking and Stress Meme

Great meme, great execution. Only because of the fact that trucking indeed is that stressful, we give it 6/10.

What’s a Weekend?

What's a Weekend Meme

Another fact of the trucker life, although the setting of the Lion King is not that fitting for the purpose. We give it 5/10.

Trucker Spanglish

Trucker Spanglish Meme

This meme right here is gold. 10/10. What we want to know tough, is what made those impressions in the dirt – Picasso?

Trucker Selfie

Trucker Selfie Meme

Great punchline, even greater image. 8/10.

How Truckers Are Born

How Truckers Are Born Meme

This meme right here. 10/10 for obvious reasons.

The Song of my People

The Song of my People Meme

Merging on the interstate is scary, especially when a beast 18-wheeler is there to sing you the song of its people. 7/10

The Road to Success

The Road to Success Meme

The road to success has no shortcuts – even if it means you need to clear a low bridge while exceeding the height of said bridge. 9/10

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Meme

We’re sure this happens a lot on the roads. Taylor Swift is literally everywhere. Pretrip inspections should include checking for Taylor Swift in the usual rotation. 9/10

Thank-a-Trucker Initiative?

Thank-a-Trucker Initiative Meme

When the moment is awkward, but you roll with it like a boss. 8/10

Taming a Wild Truck

Taming a Wild Truck Meme

Now, that’s a lot of whatever-that-is-on-top-of-the-truck. 7/10

Strapping Master, Driving Disaster

Strapping Master, Driving Disaster Meme

Someone give this guy a medal for strapping those pipes. 7/10

Weigh-in-Motion Scales, Bypass-Lane-Schmales

Weigh-in-Motion Scales Meme

We’ve all done this at some point. You, yes, you. You’ve done this too. 8/10

Mother Trucker

Mother Trucker Meme

Such menacing, much scare. That Volkswagen is in so much trouble. 7/10

A Penny!

A Penny Meme

Cabovers are hi-la-ri-ous! Looks like this specimen found itself a penny! 7/10

Honk the Damn Thing!

Honk the Damn Thing Meme

Or Chris Hemsworth is gonna get you! 6/10

Truck-World Problems

Truck-World Problems Meme

We wonder too, Kermit… We wonder too. 8/10

Ice Road Trucking – More like Ice Road Swimming! Eh! Eh?

Ice Road Trucking Meme

Yeah. Pretty much what happens when you try to slow down while driving on a frozen lake. 5/10

How Much Is a Lot?

How Much Is a Lot Meme

It’s all about context. 5/10


Gary the truck meme

Poor Gary. He just wants to have friends. 9/10

Every Trucker’s Dream about DOT Inspections

Every Trucker's Dream about DOT Inspections Meme

And they lived happily ever after. 6/10

Surprised Pikachu Noises

Surprised Pikachu Noises Meme

Yeah. What did they expect? Cookies? 6/10

The Most Interesting Trucker in the World

The Most Interesting Trucker in the World Meme

Please, do not be this guy. 5/10


Run Meme

In which world would it be possible for a trucker to see you if you are behind the trailer? Stick around and find out. 7/10

DOT Inspections Have the Worst Timing

DOT Inspections Have the Worst Timing Meme

“Here sir. Can you call an ambulance now?” 7/10

9-to-Five Job vs Trucking

9-to-Five Job vs Trucking Meme

Do not complain that your job is hard in front of a trucker, ‘mkay? 7/10


Truckception Meme

Wonder if Leo is driving the blue one. No? Shame. 7/10

Trucks in Their Natural Habitat

Trucks in Their Natural Habitat Meme

A rare image of a herd of wild American trucks sleeping in their natural habitat. Nature is amazing, isn’t she? 9/10