VIDEO: Trucker Avoids a Terrifying Suicide Attempt

CANADA – A Canadian trucker shared a jarring video on his Facebook profile showing how he narrowly evaded a person jumping in front of his truck.

On his Facebook profile, the driver Dominic Lefrancois shared the close call with what appears to be a suicidal person who jumped in front of the truck while driving on Highway 401.

Lefracois said that the man in his fifties attempted suicide.

Luckily, the person suffered only minor injuries in this miraculous show of truck driving skill.

03/17/21 401 eastbound hauteur Woodstock. Un homme dans la cinquantaine a essayer de ce suicider. Il n’est pas blesser grave par chance. Il ces ensuite sauvé avec son auto!!faite attention sur la route!03/17/21 401 eastbound around Woodstock on. A man in his 50s tried to commit suicide on my truck.luckily he only got minor injuries got back up ran to his car and fled the scene. Be careful on the road! He was latter catch by the opp

Posted by Dominic Lefrancois on Thursday, March 18, 2021